Don’t Drown In Miva Site Maintenance

This article is for the small-business owner. More specifically, it’s for the small-business owner who has a to-do list that grows faster than items are scratched off. If that sounds like you, then please, continue reading. If that’s not you, you can continue reading too, but you’re likely doing it on a yacht somewhere while sipping a piña colada.

Perhaps you’re not the owner. Maybe you’re the business operator, manager or employee and you’re all in the same boat. Not the boat that’s serving piña coladas; the one that’s careening toward the edge of a waterfall of work.

Well I’m here to throw you a life raft. At Glendale, we’re now offering a service that can help tow your boat back to calmer waters, giving you time to run your business and not your store.

Do You Need a Hand?

Offering a new maintenance package, Glendale Designs is helping to fill a void in the Miva ecommerce service industry. You can come to us to build your new site, to design and install fancy new features, and to upgrade out the wazoo. But if you and your staff can’t keep up with the day-to-day maintenance, it’s all been for naught.

There are a few problems with adding site maintenance to your own to-do lists. If any of these issues resonate with you, then you may want to consider grabbing hold of that aforementioned life raft.

  • Time consuming: Learning the ins-and-outs of your platform/third party extensions may take more time than you can afford. Then once you’ve learned how they work, you have to find the time to actually complete the tasks. Depending on your product catalog and services, this can be a massive time expense.
  • Service down-time for your customers: Because you’re now spending so much of your time self-teaching and updating, you’ve got less time to actually spend with your customers. Emails go unanswered, the phone rings, chats ding, all while you’re updating dozens, hundreds, or thousands of products.
  • Potential for misinformation: Let’s say you get an urgent update from one of your biggest suppliers. It’s not realistic to spend several days doing nothing but updating your pricing tiers, descriptions, etc. But not updating those products right away may lead to angry customers, incorrect product info, and potential lost revenue.
  • Risk of site disruption: Editing a page on your site that contains some important code can be risky, especially if you’re unfamiliar with it. One mistaken stroke of the backspace key could result in broken pages, forms, buttons or menus.
  • New updates mean ongoing training: Updates in the tech world happen at lightning speed. Features are added and altered frequently, meaning what you learned last week or last month may have already changed. You also have to keep you employees up to speed. It can be expensive and nerve-wracking to put the functionality of your website into the hands of employees who haven’t been fully trained.
  • Tedious and boring: Let’s be real…maintaining your site can be boring (for you, but not for us). It’s not why you started a business, and it’s likely not your passion. You want to be interacting with your customers, finding and creating innovative products, and managing your team. We want to be updating your site.

Here’s What We Can Help With

I’ve gone on long enough about why I think you could use a hand. I promise, I’m not just trying to rub it in. So take a look at what we’re offering with this service:

Product updates

  • Product creation
  • Images (retouching, resizing, uploading)
  • Descriptions
  • Custom field population
  • Pricing updates
  • Shipping methods
  • Attributes and variants
  • Availability and processing times
  • Inventory/stock level updates

Site page updates

  • Page creation
  • FAQ re-writes, editing and formatting
  • Policy re-writes, editing and formatting
  • Category SEO content
  • Uploading and linking new sale banners
  • Third-party module updates

While it would be nice to have someone else do all the mundane tasks for you, we do realize it isn't feasible for every store owner. If you'd prefer the "teach a man to fish" route, we have training options available as well:


Basically, we can offer you help with anything that doesn’t require developers to get involved. By handing these tasks over to our maintenance staff instead of the developers, we can keep costs very competitive at just $50/hr for our limited time introductory rate. Do you need something done that isn’t on the list? Don’t hesitate to reach out and see what we can do for you…

What Will it Mean for You?

Aside from taking the tedious and mundane work off your hands, we’re also here when you need it. Sudden price changes? A complete overhaul of your images? Important updates to your terms of services? We can jump on it and get the work done while you focus on keeping the rest of the business running smoothly.

For more information on these services, feel free to grab onto that life raft and give us a shout. We’ll be happy to help.

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