You want a responsive, results-driven Ecommerce website. Your users want to intuitively navigate products, content and the all-important checkout process. We’ll leverage our expertise in responsive design to give you a sleek, shoppable site that converts users into customers on all devices.

Our process begins with a deep-dive into who you are; we take the time to learn your business and the unique challenges it faces to help us understand exactly where you’re coming and where you want to go. We are then able to deliver a customized solution. We will develop a quality Ecommerce and content management driven website built to meet your needs and your goals, be it B2C, B2B or a mix of both. Finally, we rigorously test every feature of your site long before your customers do to ensure everything runs smoothly and looks how you envisioned it, or even better. 

Our solutions are:

  • Flexible & Responsive: With mobile traffic growing exponentially, we know how crucial it is to provide a seamless shopping experience across all devices.
  • Scalable: As your business grows, so do your goals and requirements. From Small Business to Enterprise on both B2C and B2B websites, your new site will be able to stretch and grow right along with you.
  • Secure: A sharp eye on PCI compliant platform and hosting means you won’t have to worry about your site security, and neither will your customers.
  • Customizable: Our designs, built on flexible template-based architecture and API, can be shaped and moulded to create the final product you envisioned. 
  • SEO Friendly: Built from the ground up to get search engines to take notice, you can spend less time and money on marketing and more on creating great content and running your business.

With custom features tailored to make sense for your products and your customers, we can help you build and sustain not only a loyal customer base, but a community structured around your brand. And it all takes place in one beautiful, functional, and innovative place. 

Ready to start your project?

Glendale Designs is a team of talented individuals, specializing in everything eCommerce.