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Be it a Custom stickers or one of your favorites, StickerShoppe can help with one or you can buy in bulk.


The Sticker Shoppe’s personal, fun-loving brand was being suppressed by a lackluster user experience. They were seeking a way to boost their overall website functionality and attract a mobile audience. Both desktop and mobile versions of their site needed cosmetic adjustments, to help improve the shopping experience.

In addition, The Sticker Shoppe knew that visuals alone wouldn’t be enough to deliver the kind of experience their customers deserved. Faster website performance was a top priority, along with modern eCommerce features their current site was lacking.

Navigation from the old site needed to be condensed to promote a more streamlined experience and the store owner needed a better, more straightforward way to add new content and promotions at a moment’s notice with minimal effort.


Glendale Designs crafted a visually appealing, better-functioning eCommerce store that catered to each of their individual challenges on a holistic level. Using Miva Shadows ReadyTheme framework, The Sticker Shoppe was upgraded to all the latest Miva technology and features that modernized the site’s look and function.

Glendale’s team added all the latest Miva security and fraud features to give buyers peace of mind when shopping on the website. New payment gateways were also added to cater to the growing mobile population and give buyers more choices in how they purchase from the store.

One of the biggest undertakings for the Glendale team was transforming the existing website into a responsive design. Miva’s existing framework was heavily modified in terms of layouts, enhancements, and corrections to create a custom shopping experience.

Glendale customized the Elements framework’s user interface “extensions”, including an intelligent ajax Add to Cart on category and product pages. The integrated quote and contact forms were also optimized for faster, smoother activity.

Wishlist and Reviews features were implemented to make the site more competitive. Shoppers can now add items to a wishlist with a single click when they are logged into their accounts. Also, users can toggle between the product description and customer reviews with a single click without being taken off-page, as well as write their own reviews in the same section of the page.

One of the most notable improvements to The Sticker Shoppe is the optimized facet user interface. Shoppers can quickly scale down their searches and see the results instantly. If they need to backtrack or alter their search, they can do so without having to start their search over.

The standard ReadyTheme checkout and account pages were changed to incorporate an optimized user interface. These pages are now tailored specifically to The Sticker Shoppe with a much more simplified, clean appearance.

We integrated a MailChimp newsletter feature in the bottom right corner to collect leads and promote their email marketing strategy.

Client-editable sections were added to allow for quick changes to banners, navigation bars, and images. The client can now streamline their content updates with less effort than their previous site.

During the remodel, the Glendale team took the time to perform a data cleanup and restructuring to make the website more efficient. It now offers a cleaner appearance by having eliminated unnecessary elements and steps in various points of the shopping experience.

The design team also linked all Google accounts to the new website, including AdWords, Analytics, and G Suite and implemented the appropriate 301 redirects where applicable.

As per Glendale Designs standards, we performed extensive quality testing, interface tweaks, and bug fixes prior to launch to ensure a smooth, seamless transition to the new site. This final step is typically the most crucial because it identifies issues before they can impact the shopping experience. Our team is dedicated to quality and takes our responsibility seriously, which reflects in the final launched product.