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Custom Feature

Did you look through our available GD Miva Custom features but didn’t find exactly what you need? Or perhaps you want to explore tweaking one of our existing features to do something new? 

If you have a problem on your Miva site, a challenge in your processes, or have an innovation in mind, we want to hear about it! 

Many of the Glendale Designs team members have been business owners and operators in the past. That gives us a unique look behind both sides of the curtain. We know what it takes to build a great site with useful features that tie effortlessly into your design. We also know what customers ask for, and the issues that can be presented for store owners while trying to fulfill those requests.

A Custom Feature for Your Site

Several of the custom features already showcased in our GD Miva Customization section were created to solve specific concerns on client websites. Whether they wanted cutting-edge features to put them ahead of the pack, or needed a highly-tailored solution to suit their unique product lines, we were able to deliver. 

Our developers and designers are problem solvers. They revel in the opportunity to create something progressive that will combine the functionality of UX with the sophistication and design of UI. Beyond that, they take their creations to the next level by anticipating user error, and different perspectives.

For example:

A client that sells custom-created, personalized products simply needed a way to cap the number of characters in attribute text fields. 

Our developers created the custom Character Limit feature, that not only set a character limit on attributes, but also ensured:

  • Character limit could be changed from one attribute field to the next. This allows for single initial or monograms in one line, and a full 50 character name in the next.
  • Limits could be added and removed without otherwise changing products.
  • The feature could be added, edited, and removed by the company’s staff, with just a couple keystrokes.

We have a knack for looking at the big picture and considering more than just your initial request. We consider the feature from the perspective of a developer, as well as the customer, and the store owner. This means we can anticipate potential issues and solve them before they happen.

You should contact us if you:

  • Have something specific in mind that you didn’t see in our list.
  • Are interested in one of the custom features, but need it to work differently.
  • Have a recurring issue that is brought up about your site and need help resolving it.
  • Have used or seen a feature on a different site and want something similar.
  • Already have a great feature on your site that is becoming commonplace, and you want to innovate it.

Technology and eCommerce change so frequently, and there is so much competition out there; we want to do everything possible to help you stand out amongst the crowd. We add to our GD Miva Customizations list regularly and are always excited to solve new challenges. 

If you’ve got a challenge for us, then fill out the form below. Our development and design teams will work with you to exceed your expectations.

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