Miva 9.8 and Stone Edge (IMPORTANT)

Miva Stone Edge

For any of our Miva clients that use Stone Edge Order Manger, please make sure to update your order import module. In 9.8 Miva changed the name of the payment method code for PayPal Express Checkout. It used to be PAYP and it got changed to PPAL_OSEL. The Stone Edge import module had a hard…

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Ecommerce for Automotive Parts: Keys to Success

It’s no longer optional. Your auto-parts business needs a professional, easy to navigate, responsive ecommerce solution in order to compete. That said, you need an easy to use, non-techie solution to grow your business online without sacrificing what you do best. Here’s your owner’s manual for parts ecommerce done right.   THE BASICS: ATTRACTIVENESS AND…

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Miva – Optimized Search Facet User Experience

Customization on Miva Sites We have added optimized programming and much nicer user experience to Miva’s built-in facets. Contact Us to learn how we can add faceted search on your Miva site!

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