Miva Ecommerce Design & Development

As a market leader in the art of gunsmithing and craftsmanship, MidWestGunWorks needed a streamlined, responsive site to position itself as the go-to ecommerce destination for in-stock and on-demand firearm parts and accessories.

To bring it all together, we reimagined their site with a keen eye towards data cleanup and category re-organization, including complete URL restructuring with redirects and transition to URI management. Next, we added a fully customizable mega-menu and integrated SearchSpring to aid in site navigation as well as a custom parts finder and interactive firearm schematics tool to enhance product discovery.

To fine-tune MidWestGunWorks’ marketing approach to a key demographic, we also added custom landing pages and pricing on select products for members of law enforcement and the military.

Last, with most products in stock and 24-hour turnaround times, we needed to distinguish MidWestGunWorks from the many drop-shippers in their industry. So, we added inventory tracking with Custom logic to show specific messages and functionality based on product inventory at the variant level (e.g. Discontinued, Out of Stock – Waitlist, Restricted Access, etc.).

MidWest Gun Works Key Feature List:

All the ‘standard’ functionality of any of our ecommerce sites PLUS:

  • Responsive rebuild
  • Data/Category cleanup and restructuring
  • Complete URL restructuring
  • Conversion to URI management
  • Implementation of redirects
  • Customized SearchSpring integration
  • Custom parts finder
  • Clickable gun schematics (SVG graphics) (example: https://www.midwestgunworks.com/1911/parts.html)
  • Custom inventory tracking integration
  • Custom landing pages and pricing on select products for Law Enforcement and Military
  • Full custom and fully editable drop-down mega menu
  • Multiple custom category and product templates for different layouts and functionality
  • Extensive custom fields and Readytheme sections to give customer the ability to easily edit site content

  • Client:

    MidWest Gun Works

  • Site:


  • Platform:
    • Miva Ecommerce
  • Tasks:
    • Data Transfer
    • Responsive Design
    • Integration
    • Customization

Brandon Herrell - midwestgunworks.comTestimonial for Glendale,

When we approached Glendale Designs about building a new site we had a large list of custom features that we were looking for.  The Glendale team was able to make this happen for us.  We were extremely happy with the way the site turned out.  Brandon Herrell