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Miva Ecommerce Design & Customization

Miva Ecommerce Design & Customization

Global Design Elements

  • Integrated responsive Mobile/Tablet/Desktop versions all equally powerful and easy to use. (no missing components on mobile)
  • Site-wide promotions bar features site’s free shipping policy.
  • Retained current branding and logo with fresh design.
  • Navigation Flyout Menus optimized to be easily read/scanned.
  • Latest Miva 9.7 dynamic search bar in header shows images and prices and works on all platforms.
  • Integrated product reviews and testimonials with automated review invitation to verified buyers.
  • Integrated with live chat support

Custom Forms:

  • Customized Quote Request form for commercial inquiries.
  • Customized contact us form
  • Forms protected by Google reCAPTCHA
  • Forms fields are optimized for mobile keyboards and mobile layouts. (example: email, and phone inputs get specific mobile keyboard)

Home Page:

  • Featured categories design with text and links are easily modified by the client via Miva ReadyTheme images – No Photoshop required.
  • Featured products slider can include whatever products the store owner sees fit.

Category Layout:

  • Dynamic images for the sub categories
  • Uses latest Miva 9.7 category facets to filter the products (See
  • Integrated GD customized facets so the shopper has a quicker and more intuitive shopping experience using Miva’s facets.
  • Integrated ‘quick view’ of each product to see more options and additional images without leaving the category page view.

Product Layout:

  • Product gallery with dynamic zoom and video support
  • Good use of white space (something previous site lacked)
  • Organized the page into tabs for things like shipping info and warranty to avoid popups Checkout
  • Utilizes all the new miva features like coupons, gift certificates, customer credit


  • Utilizes all the new Miva features like coupons, gift certificates, customer credit on account, etc.