Bespoke Isn’t Better in eCommerce Development

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In a world of “handmade is cool”, it is easy to get caught up in the lure of “custom is better”. Who doesn’t want to be the guy in the office with the prestigious handcrafted eyewear? After all, someone consulted with him on his personal style and tastes, and spent 22 hours carving out the…

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How to Align Digital Campaigns with On-Site Expectations

Are digital promotions the answer to on-site conversions, or are they costing you more sales than you realize? Here’s a way to find out: If your digital creative is earning traffic but you’re not seeing great conversions, your on-site content could be to blame. Digital Promotions Are Too Expensive Not to Be Effective   Data…

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5 Ways Your Product Descriptions are Costing You Money

Dollar Shave - Product Sample

Your website’s product descriptions are one of your most powerful selling tools, but are they costing you sales instead of earning them? When your buyers are weighing their options, a strong product description can provide the tipping point they need to make a decision. It’s also a way for potential customers to find your products…

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The 2-Second Ad Rule: How to Deliver Epic Ad Content in 2 Seconds or Less

Digital Ads

Television ads and radio commercials get about 30 seconds or more to state their business. So why do digital ads only get two seconds to make their presence known? One study by research firm Lumen showed that of all the digital display ads, only a mere 4% received more than two seconds’ worth of attention….

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Ecommerce for Automotive Parts: Keys to Success

It’s no longer optional. Your auto-parts business needs a professional, easy to navigate, responsive ecommerce solution in order to compete. That said, you need an easy to use, non-techie solution to grow your business online without sacrificing what you do best. Here’s your owner’s manual for parts ecommerce done right.   THE BASICS: ATTRACTIVENESS AND…

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How to Submit a Google Shopping (Test) Feed

Uploading a Test Feed in Google Merchant Center Go to Products > Feeds > click the blue ‘plus’ sign Step 1: Basic Information: Type = Products Target Country = United States (in most cases) Language  = English Check Display & Shopping Hit Continue Step 2: Primary feed name and input method Enter Primary Feed Name…

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