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Finding the Right eCommerce Platform for Your Business

With hundreds of shopping cart platforms available on the market, choosing the right platform for your business can be a daunting task. Obvious factors such as pricing, storage space, and payment processing only skim the surface of features necessary to running an efficient online store. Here are some features that you should evaluate in making your final decision as to which eCommerce platform is right for you…


Google’s Updates & How They Affect You

In an effort to further refine and improve upon search results, Google has released several updates over the past couple of years that may have affected your site’s ranking on the search engine. Here is a breakdown of the most important updates and what they do:


Anatomy of an Awesome Remarketing Ad

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What are these creepy/cool ads that are following you around the web? Welcome to the latest and greatest marketing technology for business. Known as remarketing or retargeting, this method of advertising is a cost-effective solution to reaching your website visitors. A well-designed retargeting ad will grab attention – depending on your remarketing strategy and design,


Beautiful Christmas Illustrations

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Christmas is almost here and we have rounded up a collection of beautiful Christmas illustrations to help spread some Christmas spirit. Happy holidays from Glendale Designs! Christmas by Gemma Ellis Christmas Hippo by Robb Mommaerts Christmas is Around the Corner by Robin Halioua Christmas Time by Marisa Lopez Hurries of Santa Claus by Anne “Ruskatukka”


Creative Miva Merchant Online Store Designs

Miva Merchant is one of the top eCommerce shopping cart solutions available on the market which is why we choose to develop Miva stores for our eCommerce clients. One of the outstanding features of Miva is the design flexibility, allowing you to get really creative with your eCommerce design. Here are some examples of how

More... | WordPress

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Healthcare Provider Connections wanted Glendale Designs to create a custom WordPress theme for their new site re-design. When developing this site, they also wanted the capability of posting job opportunities where prospects would be capable of uploading their resumes. Additionally we incorporated her social media along with displaying her most recent twitter posts on site.


Get Creative with 404 Page Design

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One of the most commonly overlooked aspects in website design is the 404 error page. This is an important part of your website and if utilized correctly, the 404 page can help keep your visitors on your website.

An effective 404 page would include the following:

  • An error message to inform your visitor that the page he is requesting no longer exists.
  • A search bar to let your visitor search for similar content on your website.
  • Website navigation is accessible on the 404 page, or minimally a link back to the home page of your site.

Area 404: The Missing Links Of The Internet

There will be occasions when a user will attempt to visit a page on your website and receives a 404 error that the page cannot be found. You may have noticed these 404 errors in your Google Webmaster Tools, and while it is important to clean up errors on your site, there are right and


How To Add A User To Google Webmaster Tools

You can easily give us access to your Google  Webmaster Tools account by simply adding us with email – no need to give us your login info That way we can get a better idea of what Google thinks about your site and make better informed SEO recommendations. Click on the Settings wheel in


Web Design Trends 2013 in Retrospect

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In the early days of the internet, it was common to take any “neat” features available and exploit them to the point of overkill. Rainbow gradients, 3d beveling, animated gifs and heavy graphics littered the internet. Branding and marketing practices had not quite made it to the web in general – not enough thought was